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An all-in-one storytelling solution

Simply pick any combination of Create, Publish, and Promote to precisely match your needs and wants.





Unique feature stories about your athletes

We create unique feature stories about athletes that humanize them, engage your community, and elevate your brand. While we create content in a variety of formats, we specialize in written content from a first-person perspective, giving stories an unmatched layer of authenticity.


A dedicated landing page for all your stories

Let our team build a dedicated landing page for the stories we create. The site integrates natively with your digital presence, maximizes fan engagement, and can even incorporate sponsorships to help you drive revenue. 


Custom, on-brand social media graphics

To simplify your life even further, we create multiple social media graphics for each story to help you promote it online.

Save time

Creating high-quality feature stories takes time and skill. Let our team manage everything from interview to publishing so you can continue to focus on your day-to-day.

100% control

Our built-in review processes ensure that your brand — and your athletes’ brands — are protected at all times. You have full control over what is being published.

Drive revenue

Leverage our content to drive sponsorship revenue, fundraising, or NIL partnerships.

Build authentic connections

Leverage your athletes and their stories to build authentic connections with your community that go beyond sports.

Michael Schroeder

Associated AD, Communications

“Our student-athletes love their stories, and our fanbase has been able to connect with the student-athletes like never before. FanWord Stories’ ease of use, both for the student-athletes and for us in the athletic department, is a major plus as well.”


1,500+ Stories Created


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just for sports teams?

No! If you work with athletes and want to highlight the stories of these athletes, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’re an athletic department that wants to give their athletes a voice, a collective that wants to showcase the partnerships you helped facilitate, or a company that wants to grow its brand via powerful athlete stories, we can help.

How can we boost revenue with FanWord Stories?

Depending on the type of entity you are, you can use our content for fundraising, sponsorships, or partnerships. If you want to learn more about how we can help you generate dollars, please contact us. 

What does this cost?

Pricing depends on a variety of variables, including the number of stories, your configuration (i.e. do you just want “Create” or also “Publish” and “Promote”)

Once we have all variables defined, we will present you with a custom quote. 

We have recommended packages as well. To learn more about those, please contact us.