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Each story matters. Our goal is to establish a positive community of college sports enthusiasts through the power of our stories. We believe that each athlete, team, and fan deserves the opportunity to not only be heard but to have an active voice in college athletics.


FanWord is a college sports media platform that highlights unique, inspiring, and authentic stories from current and former student-athletes, coaches, and fans.

Everyone. All you need to do is create a free account that is set up in less than one minute. 

We deeply care about the ‘human’ side of college sports. Therefore, you will not find any objective “journalistic” stories on our platform. Each story has a personal touch to it and either describes a particular experience or something relevant to the author.

Absolutely. We do not care if you are a Softball fan, a tennis player for a Div II school, or just started coaching Women’s Gymnastics. Each story matters. Yours does too!

If it is college sports related and has a personal touch, yes. You can either check out some other stories or have a look at our “Need Inspiration” section on the “New Story” page to see a few story ideas.

However, we are not going to approve stories that primarily aim to embarrass, ridicule, or disgrace a person, team, or school. Furthermore, we have zero tolerance for any racist, pornographic, or discriminatory language.

We have a word minimum of 500 words. We don’t have a maximum.

If you are a current or former student-athletes, coach, or fan, you care about college sports. We see a big problem in the market where either a) the vast majority of sports do not get any relevant coverage or b) you are being exposed to the same story about the same topic multiple times.

By sharing your story, you help create a close community of college sports enthusiasts that share a common passion and interest. You can also interact and engage with other users and their stories on our platform and therefore connect in ways that brings you closer to college sports than ever before.

Furthermore, you will soon be able to earn great rewards by actively contributing to FanWord. More will come soon.

Everyone. We want to build a passionate college sports community. As a result, we do not believe that there should be any reason to limit stories to a certain audience.

Once you submitted a story for review, we will give it a look and usually approve your story within 24 hours. 

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