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We help athletes build, grow, protect, and monetize their personal brands

FanWord is on a mission to empower athletes to win outside of sports. From teaching them how to tell their stories and connecting with fans on a more personal level to maximizing and monetizing their NIL value, our innovative solutions allow your athletes to take control of their brands.

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A fully-managed athlete storytelling platform

We build your very own ‘The Players’ Tribune’-like site and populate it with athlete-driven stories that go beyond sports. Give your athletes a voice and help them connect with their fans on a more personal level. Our team manages everything from outreach to content production to publishing.

A comprehensive NIL solution for athletic departments

A solution specifically designed to help athletic departments and student-athletes prepare for and maximize opportunities in the new name, image, and likeness (NIL) era in college sports. 

Best-in-class athlete education from industry professionals

Empower your athletes through online courses, workshops, and protective resources. FanWord collaborates with industry experts from various professions to provide education at the highest level in areas like financial literacy, taxes, personal branding, gaming, podcasting, social media, and more.

Give your athletes a platform to monetize their personal brands

Highlight and promote your athletes, their brands, and their stories in one single location. Give fans and brands an opportunity to see how they can collaborate with your athletes, what entrepreneurial projects they are working on, where to find them on social media, and much more.

A built-in agency for your athletes

Tap into our network of 25+ creatives and let us help your athletes with content, branding, design, and social media services. 

Your athletes are more than just athletes. With FanWord, you set them up for success beyond their athletic careers

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