What Do You Get?!

When student-athletes reach the end of their eligibility, many continue to chase the dream of being a professional athlete after graduation. For Beau Treyz, a Jacksonville (Florida) native, this was not any different. Once his collegiate tennis career with the North Florida Ospreys and the Nebraska Cornhuskers came to an end, Beau took a stab at the uber competitive pro tour. It wasn’t long before Beau was facing the challenges of being on his own.

I miss getting to practice and traveling with the guys. The good times that come along with living with them and eating with them all the time. The camaraderie.

‘What do you get’ Podcast

While plenty of college tennis players attempt to pursue a professional career after graduating, Beau found additional purpose in something else. He started his own podcast called “What do you get?!” that aims to find out why athletes do what they do and what they get out of it. The idea for the podcast evolved during his own transferring process from North Florida to the Cornhuskers. The challenges he was facing made him question if tennis would really be worth all of the emotional and physical struggles. It was at that moment that he realized…

… I am getting so many valuable things in life by continuing to play tennis. Friendships, the ability to explore my athletic limits, travel the world… way more than “just” tennis.

Soon after, Beau asked other athletes about their journeys and what drives them to compete in their respective sport. And that is when he realized how much he enjoyed learning about their stories and turned it into a business.

By now, Beau has published 30+ stories on his blog and podcast with current and former collegiate and professional athletes.

All athletes are really doing the same thing. And they all should be embraced. We all spend hours practicing, stretching, working out, thinking about strategies, traveling- just some play basketball and others play volleyball. But really, we have so much in common, and each athlete should be celebrated and learned from. And also to show that whatever sport or job you do, depending on how you think about it and approach it, it can be very meaningful and help you explore yourself as a person.

He quickly realized that these episodes are most rewarding when not asking the generic questions that everyone else is asking. Really getting to what fuels some of these athletes’ inner fire is what his audience loves about his unique take. One of his favorite episodes is with one of his childhood ‘heroes’, Guillermo Canas (a former Top 10 player in the world), in the Dominican Republic.

Impact of College Tennis

One thing that has not only prepared him for the professional tour but also for pursuing his podcast was the experiences he made during his college career.

College tennis taught me that how you spend your time is the most important thing. Injuries, new recruits, coaching problems, tons of things can be beyond your control and have an impact on how long you get to play the game and get your shot at D1 sports, if not playing professionally. So learning to try and maximize, while also enjoying my time, was the best thing I learned from playing college sports.

What is important to highlight here is that competing in college sports comes with challenges. As fulfilling as Beau’s collegiate career was (amongst other things, he won the prestigious Big Ten Doubles Tournament with his roommate Marc Herrmann), he would approach things slightly differently if he could turn back time.

I would spend more time thinking about what our team was doing in the gym and on the court and question the theory. What I mean is that I would respectfully question my coaches more, and ask to do drills that I think would help me improve more.

We would like to conclude our story with a piece of advice for college tennis freshmen. Beau has found a deeper calling and figured out a way to overcome adversity. If your college career also does not always come easy, listen to what he has to say.

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