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Aggregate everything about you and your brand in one profile. Your FanWord profile is simple to set up and totally customizable.

Items you can add to your profile:


Link to all NIL marketplaces and booking platforms you’re using.


Link to all entrepreneurial ventures and startup projects you’re pursuing.


Link to all products and services that you’re offering.


Link to all camps, appearances, and other events you’re hosting/participating in.


Link to select videos, articles, or podcasts that tell your story.

Social Media

Link to all the social media accounts you’re active on.


Highlight previous deals you’ve done to with companies.


Select industries and activities you’re interested in pursuing.

Reach a brand-new audience

When you join FanWord, your profile will be added to the directories of your school, conference, and sport. As a result, any person visiting those directories will be exposed to your profile, allowing you to reach a brand-new and much larger audience.

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Simply copy your FanWord profile link and add it to your social media bios, website, and other platforms to simplify how businesses and fans can find you. 

Never miss an opportunity again

Fans and businesses can contact you on FanWord. Before messages hit your email inbox, our team reviews each contact request, ensuring you’re only exposed to serious inquiries. 

Market yourself like never before.

Increase Visibility

Increase your visibility regardless of sport, school, or social media audience size.

Simplify Accessibility

Simplify how businesses, fans, and other supporters can find, connect, and collaborate with you.

Save Time

Save time by aggregating everything about your NIL opportunities, social media accounts, and personal brand in one spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating your FanWord profile is entirely free. 

Our directory is a great opportunity for you to reach a larger audience and connect with more businesses and fans that you’d otherwise not reach.

Absolutely! At its core, our directory helps athletes increase their visibility. Whether that results in NIL deals, professional opportunities, or simply in earning more social media followers is irrelevant. Any athlete can sign up and benefit from FanWord.

100%! Our directory is designed for all athletes, regardless of sport, gender, school, or social media audience size.