Athlete-driven stories that go beyond sports

A fully-managed storytelling platform & service that humanizes your athletes and powers your brand

Step 1


To kick things off, let’s talk about your goals. Do you want to highlight stories to boost recruiting, fundraising, or simply to engage your fans? No matter the goal, in our initial strategy session, we define all variables to align content with your objectives.

  • Who are the storytellers?
  • What are the stories about?
  • How many stories?
  • Which format do you want the stories to be in?

Step 2

Story Selection

Once we have defined the roadmap , it’s time to find and select the right stories. You can either select the stories yourself or let us do the work for you. We use surveys, research, and other tools to ensure the perfect stories for your objectives.

Step 3

Platform Setup

Next, we set up a custom, white-label platform for your organization where all stories will be published on. This is set up as a subdomain of your main site and therefore seamlessly integrates into your existing digital presence. Because our platform is custom-made for each partner, we can easily adjust the layout, integrate corporate partners, and more to match your needs and wants.

  • Custom & Responsive Design
  • Sponsor Integration
  • Custom CTAs
  • Social Sharing
  • Tracking & Analytics

Step 4

Athlete-Driven Content Creation

Our team then creates powerful and authentic stories about selected athletes, coaches, fans, and other brand ambassadors in a variety of formats for your audience to enjoy. From short-form to long-form stories, we do it all. Our specialty is written content from your athletes’ perspective. Athletes are always written about, but with FanWord, you give your athletes a voice to tell their own stories.

  • Written Content
  • Video Content
  • Audio Content
  • Photography
  • Social Media Content

Step 5

Review Process

To protect your brand and the brands of your athletes, before any content is ever published, we send it back to you and the athlete for review first.

  • Storyteller Review
  • Partner Review

Step 6

Publish & Promote

Once everything looks good, we publish the content on the platform and also provide you with social media graphics to drive traffic to the story.

  • Publishing
  • Social Sharing
  • Social Media Graphics

It's like having your own 'The Players' Tribune'-like site and content

Generate Revenue

Our stories, on average, generate 5-6x more engagements than traditional content, making it an attractive digital activation for corporate partners.

Empower Athletes

Give your athletes a voice to share stories from their own perspective.


Help student-athletes grow their personal brands to maximize opportunities in the new NIL era.

Boost Recruiting

Show recruits what makes your team special and turn our stories into powerful recruiting assets.

25+ Creatives

Over the years, we built a vast network of creatives, ranging from writers to videographers to photographers and more, that have produced thousands of athlete-driven stories.

Engage Fans

Connect fans with their favorite teams and athletes like never before.

Build the resumes of your athletes

If you collaborate with us, we offer interested athletes an opportunity to be actively involved and gain valuable work experience. Contact us to learn more.

Let FanWord Stories pay for itself

Drive Sponsorship Revenue

Turn FanWord Stories into a powerful digital & social sponsorship asset for corporate partners. Align your sponsors with unique and authentic content that connects with fans on a more personal level. We can activate partners on the platform, stories, and social media graphics, and guarantee 100% NCAA compliance.

Add-ons to do even more

All FanWord products are offered through the same web-based platform. Therefore, you can simply activate/deactivate any of our products at any given time.

Best-in-class education from industry experts, teaching everything from personal branding to financial literacy to social media, and much more.

Help your athletes monetize their personal brands by letting them build their own comprehensive profiles.

Give your athletes direct access to a a variety of content, design, branding, and social media services.