Empower your athletes through best-in-class education

Online courses, workshops, and protective resources from industry professionals

Online Courses

Easy-to-consume online courses from industry experts

Together with carefully-vetted industry experts, we developed 15+ online courses, covering topics like financial literacy, personal branding, entrepreneurship, gaming, podcasting, contract law, and much more. To incentivize engagement, the entire learning experience is gamified where your athletes earn virtual points and badges for completing course work.


60-min live workshops about topics of choice

Once you sign up for FanWord Coach, you and your players have access to monthly live webinars that are either run by us or any of our education partners, depending on your topic preferences. 


Upload and share files and forms with your athletes

From contract templates and tax forms to startup guides, we protect your athletes by giving them access to a variety of forms and files. Knowing the hectic lifestyle of an athlete, we make sure they have all of their important documents and information in one place.

Empower, protect, and prepare your athletes for success beyond sports

Sample Courses & Workshops

Personal Branding


Financial Literacy

Social Media






Our Education Partners

Courses and workshops are either created/hosted by us or any of our education partners. This list will continue to grow to ensure all-encompassing education for your athletes.

Zach Soskin

Athlete Brand Builder, Former Adidas Brand & Sports Marketing


Personal Branding, Athlete Negotiations

Jason Matheson

CEO, Skullsparks


Creative, Branding


Accounting Firm


Income Taxes, Tax Planning

Blue Wire Pods

Sports Podcasting Network



Amobi Okogu

Forbes 30 under 30, MLS Player, CEO, A Frugal Athlete


Financial Literacy

Patrick Stubblefield

CEO, Bonfire Legal, Former Director of Compliance at Oklahoma University


Law, Contract Law


Custom Merchandising Platform


Athlete Merchandise Sales

Malcolm Lemmons

Author, Former Prof. Basketball Player


Personal Branding, Content, LinkedIn

Prepare your athletes for life after sports


Your athletes can not only track their progress but also earn virtual points and badges for completing online courses, incentivizing engagement and making it more fun.

Analytics & Metrics

We will share analytics that show you how often courses have been viewed, how much time your players spend on a specific topic, and much more.


Want to create your own course, host your own workshop, or upload your own forms and files? No worries, we can easily embed your content as well.

Empower your Athletes

Equip your athletes with the knowledge to maximize their name, image, and likeness to succeed in life outside of sports as well.

Protect your Athletes

Your players need to be coached off the field as well. Not everyone has a deep understanding of sound financial decision- making or what it takes to start a business.


Offer corporate partners a unique digital activation by reaching your players through educational content and resources.

For Coaches & Staff

Some of our courses and workshops are specifically geared towards helping coaches and staff members build and grow their personal brands. Contact us to learn more.

Add-ons to do even more

All FanWord products are offered through the same web-based platform. Therefore, you can simply activate/deactivate any of our products at any given time.

We create and publish powerful stories about your players that connect with fans on a more personal level.

Help your athletes monetize their personal brands by letting them build their own comprehensive profiles.

Give your athletes direct access to a a variety of content, design, branding, and social media services.