Help athletes monetize their personal brand

A platform for athletes to monetize their passions and strengths

Athlete Showcase

Showcase and promote your athletes beyond sports

Your athletes are more than numbers and stats. Highlight everything about them outside of sports in one single location. Give fans comprehensive access to a side of their favorite players and teams they have never seen before.

Athlete Profiles

Help your athletes make more money

Every one of your players has his/her own profile that conveniently aggregates everything in one spot – perfect to share with their fans on social media and other digital channels.


Let fans and brands see how they can collaborate with your athletes

Your athletes can add ‘Collaborations’ to their profile, which represent all of the different ways someone can work with them. Athletes can choose from over 15 categories, ranging from various marketplaces for social media endorsement deals to offline endeavors, such as private lessons.


Boost the entrepeneurial ventures of your athletes

Give your athletes the ability to highlight their entrepreneurial ventures and show fans what they are working on off the field.


Display selected stories about your athletes

Unique and powerful stories about your athletes that go beyond sports, created by us, your team, external media, or your athletes themselves. These stories paint the picture of your athletes off the field, creating more opportunities for them to monetize on their passions outside of sport.


Support charities and non-profits that align with your athletes' interests

Athletes get to list up to three non-profits and charities that they support. Let their influence make a real impact on people’s lives.


Allow fans and brands to easily get in touch with your athletes

When signing up, your athletes can opt in/opt out of a contact form at the bottom of their profiles. Contact forms can go directly to the athlete, their agents, a compliance department, or us to help navigate the next steps.

Put your athletes in the spotlight like never before

White-label design

The platform is custom-designed for your organization and hosted as a subdomain of your athletic website, integrating your colors and branding.

Custom configuration

Simply tell us which sections/features you want and we will make it happen. It’s easily adaptable at any time.

Responsive Design

The platform looks great on any device as it was designed to meet your athletes and fans where they are.


Easily integrate your corporate partners, ticketing solutions, premium content, and more to monetize the platform.

Access Control

Restrict fans from accessing certain areas or control content visibility for your athletes. You define who has access to what kind of areas.

Analytics & Metrics

We provide you with deep insights into platform usage, audience metrics, and more.

Add-ons to do even more

All FanWord products are offered through the same web-based platform. Therefore, you can simply activate/deactivate any of our products at any given time.

A fully-managed student-athlete storytelling platform and service that gives your student-athletes a voice to tell their own stories.

Best-in-class education from industry experts, teaching everything from personal branding to financial literacy to social media, and much more.