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Two of a Kind
NCAA Division III champions Elizabeth and Kaylee Jones are extraordinary student-athletes. The twin sisters from Omaha, Nebraska compete for the Nebraska Wesleyan Track & Field team. Their unique relationship is […]
Winning Gold For Your Country!
At the beginning of December, the city of Grenoble (France) hosted the 13th Master’U BNP Paribas championships; the official team world championships amongst student tennis players. After four days of […]
Get To Know… Maxime Rooney
The transition was really challenging for me, yes. I never lifted weights before, for example, so that was completely new. I never had done any power series workouts in the water in the morning either.
The Journey To Minnesota
Olivia Knowles is right in the middle of her sophomore hockey season with the Minnesota Gophers. With a promising 13-2-1 record, the Gophers earned themselves the #2 spot in the […]
10 Things Student-Athletes Are Thankful For
We can not express our gratitude for all of the student-athletes that share(d) their story with us. Every single one of you strengthens us in our pursuit of spreading inspiring, […]
Get To Know… Danielle Meuret
Danielle Meuret is a sophomore soccer player for the Southern Utah Thunderbirds. Danielle was an aspiring prospect in junior soccer before an array of severe setbacks forced her soccer path to take […]
Get To Know… Stefan Bojic
Stefan Bojic is considered the first tennis freestyler ever. He pioneered a movement that gained traction all around the world. With over 70,000 followers, Stefan has made a name for […]
Get To Know… Nick Itkin
Nick Itkin is heading into his second season with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Most student-athletes use their inaugural season to get used to a new environment and learn what […]
The 2017/2018 NCAA Champions
The new college sports season is knocking hard on our front doors. Reason enough for us to have a closer look at the past season. In this article, we are […]
10 Questions For Verena Schmid
Verena Schmid is a two-time NCAA champion with Barry. The German native has one more season with the Bucs and answered some questions about her athletic, academic, and personal life. […]
Once Upon a Time…
Once upon a time, it was just us being regular student-athletes at the University of Nebraska; following our athletic and academic aspirations. But it all changed… This is our story […]
When Dreams Become Reality
Growing up, my biggest dream, besides wanting to be a veterinarian, was to become a professional tennis player and compete in the United States. My family does not come from […]
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