NIL & Brand Development Education from Industry Experts

Online courses, live workshops, and other educational materials from industry professionals

Online Courses

Together with carefully-vetted industry experts, we developed easy-to-consume online courses, covering topics like financial literacy, personal branding, entrepreneurship, gaming, podcasting, contracts, and much more. To incentivize engagement, the entire learning experience is gamified where your athletes earn virtual points and badges for completing course work.

Live Workshops

We host online or in-person workshops for athletes, coaches, staff members, parents, businesses, and other stakeholders. These workshops are either run by us or any of our education partners. Each workshop is also recorded so that it can be reviewed later.

Protective Resources

From contract templates to tax forms, we protect your athletes by giving them access to a variety of forms and files. Knowing the hectic lifestyle of an athlete, we make sure they have all of their important documents and information in one place.

Marketplace Directory

With more than 150 marketplace and booking platforms for athletes to choose from, it’s easy to get confused. In our database, we provide useful information about the most credible platforms to ensure your athletes understand which ones best align with their unique needs and wants.


Deal Disclosure & Monitoring

To reduce compliance risks and simplify the workflow surrounding NIL activities, we offer an intuitive deal disclosure & monitoring solution as part of FanWord Coach. Student-thletes fill out a simple questionnaire about their NIL activities, and administrators can conveniently review and respond to those activities, all within a single platform.

Protect your Athletes

Our educational materials are designed to not only teach your athletes how to build their brand but also how to protect it. 

Analytics & Metrics

We will share analytics that show you how often courses have been viewed, how much time your players spend on a specific topic, and much more.

Win Beyond Sports

Our education equips your athletes with the knowledge to succeed in life outside of sports.

Empower, protect, and prepare your athletes for success beyond sports

Sample Courses and Workshops

Personal Branding


Financial Literacy

Social Media






Our Education Partners

Courses and workshops are either created/hosted by us or any of our education partners. This list will continue to grow to ensure all-encompassing education for your athletes.

Education for all stakeholders

Our education is not just geared towards athletes but other stakeholders such as coaches, staff members, parents, and businesses as well.

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Add-ons to do even more

FanWord Stories

We create powerful storytelling content for your digital & social channels that helps you drive sponsorship revenue and grows both your and your athletes’ brands.

FanWord Boost

One single hub that summarizes everything about your athletes’ brands in one spot, helping them get discovered and monetize their Name, Image, and Likeness.