We simplify NIL for you and your athletes

Maximize NIL opportunities for all your athletes without adding to their workload.


Our centralized platform increases the visibility of your athletes and makes it easy for supporters to connect with them.


Athletes can curate everything about themselves in one profile — promoting their brand has never been easier.


Easy-to-use and powerful brand development tools to empower your athletes’ storytelling.

Amplify your existing NIL partners

We support your existing NIL partnerships and drive traffic to your marketplace, merchandise store, and any other initiative.

No involvement needed

Athletes are busy and often don’t have the time to engage with NIL. We provide value for your athletes without requiring any involvement.

No marketplace

We are no marketplace that facilitates deals. Instead, we provide your athletes with all the tools to maximize their NIL opportunities.

An equitable solution

Our platform helps every athlete, regardless of the sport they play, the NIL platforms they use, or how many social media followers they have.


Product Features


The only link your athletes need to market themselves

On FanWord, each athlete has a public profile — similar to their own website — that lists everything about their brand in one single place, including their social media channels, marketplaces they can be found on, content about them, deals they’ve done, and much more. 


The following data can be included on FanWord profiles.


Links to NIL marketplaces and booking platforms the athlete is using.


Links to all entrepreneurial ventures and startup projects the athlete is pursuing.


Links to merchandise, NFTs, discount codes, and other products and services.


Links to camps, appearances, and other events the athlete is a part of.


Links to videos, articles, or podcasts that tell the athlete’s story.

Social Media

Links to all social media accounts the athlete is active on.


Links to previous deals the athlete has engaged in.


Industries and activities the athlete is interested in.


List of degree(s) the athlete is pursuing / has completed.


List of academic and athletic accomplishments.


List of communities and directories the athlete is associated with. (i.e. team, sport, conference, etc.)

and more...


Make it easy for your athletes to get discovered

We aggregate everything about your athletes in a public school directory, allowing visitors to conveniently filter and browse through everything in one intuitive platform. With just a few clicks, a fan, for example, can now pull up all your athletes that are on LinkedIn, offer private lessons, started their own company, and much more. Your athletes can also be easily discovered through other directories (i.e. conference directory) to maximize their visibility.


Help your athletes tell their stories and build their brand

Your athletes can access a variety of innovative storytelling & brand development tools that provide them with unique content ideas, custom social media graphics to grow their brand, and access to insightful analytics.


Optional Addons


Unique and easy-to-consume educational materials from industry experts about NIL, brand development, marketplaces, and more.


A simple and intuitive disclosure tool that allows athletes to submit their activities and you to review and respond in real-time.

NIL Aggregators

Our aggregators give your student-athletes easy access to best-in-class resources and curated NIL opportunities from marketplace platforms.

An NIL solution that benefits all athletes — regardless of the sport they play, how they pursue NIL, or how many followers they have.

Our Plans

For a breakdown of each plan, simply contact us.


Let your athletes set up their own profiles.


Our team will set up your athlete profiles based on data you provide to us. (i.e. social media handles, links to marketplaces, etc.)


Our team will set up your athlete profiles without requiring your or your athletes’ involvement. For each profile, our team will research and add a profile photo, cover photo, links to athletes’ social media channels, marketplaces they can be found on, content about them, previous deals they’ve done, and more.

Max of 10 data points per athlete.


  • Athlete profiles

  • Contact form

  • School directory


  • Onboarding assistance

  • Email and phone support

  • FanWord newsletter

    Product updates and best practices

Profile Customizations

  • Cover photo

  • Verified badge

Everything in Self-Serve plus


  • Admin portal

  • Analytics


  • Basic profile maintenance

    We update broken/outdated links reported to us.

  • New data integration

    Any new data you send us, we will add to the platform. (i.e. new links, new athletes, etc.)

Profile Customizations

  • 'Support' button

    Dedicated section that highlights all your official NIL partners & initiatives.

Everything in Assisted plus


  • Brand development tools


  • Premium profile maintenance

    We periodically check for new data and update broken/outdated links.

  • New athletes

    We add athlete profiles for transfers and recruits.

  • Weekly office hours


  • Onboarding assistance
  • Email and phone support
  • FanWord newsletter

We show your athletes how they can set up their own profiles.

We teach you and your colleagues how to set up the athlete profiles.


Our team will set up your athlete profiles based on data you provide to us. (i.e. social media handles, links to marketplaces, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Athletes begin to instantly see value from FanWord once their profile is set up — the moment it is, athletes get discovered and can use their profile link to market and promote themselves. If athletes do not want to invest the time to build out their profile, our team offers to do it on their behalf. 

Because athletes use their FanWord profile to show supporters how and where they can facilitate deals with them, we’re driving traffic to your marketplace or merchandise stores from Opendorse, Icon Suite, INFLCR, Campus Ink, and others. FanWord is a complement to your existing initiatives.

We offer three different plans — one is entirely free. Contact us to learn more.

First, FanWord Boost is not a marketplace. We do not facilitate deals. We focus on marketing, athlete discovery and brand development.

Second, marketplaces are a fantastic tool to streamline the deal-making process. But they are not a marketing solution. Marketplaces help athletes “open up a store.” Our job is to now drive people to that store and maximize the athletes’ success.

No! Our platform is a web-based application that’s also optimized for mobile devices. It does not require athletes to download another app.

No! One of the main reasons we built FanWord Boost was to support athletes that don’t have those large audiences. In fact, we built our platform with the intention to help athletes with smaller audience sizes get discovered, too.

Yes! While athletes can certainly use the platform to maximize their NIL opportunities, athletes can also use the platform to simply market their social media accounts, videos & articles about them, and more. Every athlete interested in boosting their brand benefits from our platform.

Ready to learn more?

Add-ons to do even more

FanWord Stories

We create powerful storytelling content for your digital & social channels that helps you drive sponsorship revenue and grows both your and your athletes’ brands.

FanWord Coach

Best-in-class education from industry experts that teach everything from personal branding to financial literacy to social media, and much more.