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Education and Compliance

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NIL Education & Compliance Solution

An innovative and affordable solution to help you and your student-athletes compliantly navigate the new NIL era while maximizing opportunities for your athletes.

Together with 11+ industry experts, we created easy-to-consume online courses that student-athletes can access 24/7. Courses cover everything from financial literacy, tax implications, and contracts to personal branding, storytelling, social media, and much more. 

Each month, at a date and time of your choosing, we host online or in-person workshops for student-athletes, coaches, or administrators about a wide variety of topics. These workshops are either run by us or any of our education partners. Each workshop is also recorded so that it can be reviewed later as well.

From contract templates to tax forms, we protect your athletes by giving them access to a variety of forms and files. Knowing the hectic lifestyle of an athlete, we make sure they have all of their important documents and information in one place.

There are already over 100 different tools your players can use to monetize their NIL. We make sure your athletes understand what's out there and which platforms, marketplaces, apps, and offline opportunities best align with their strengths and passions.

Our intuitive deal disclosure & monitoring tool allows student-athletes to conveniently submit their NIL activities, and your compliance staff to easily review and respond to their activities. Reduce compliance risks, save time, and simplify your workflow.

Student-Athlete Storytelling

We produce powerful and unique storytelling content for your digital & social channels. It’s like having your own ‘The Players’ Tribune’-like site that our team manages from start to finish. 

Our team not only produces the content, we also help find the right stories, manage communication and review processes, and even create on-brand social media graphics for your team to use to drive traffic to the stories through your social channels. 

Our content, on average, generates 5-6x more engagements, making FanWord Stories a great digital and social activation for corporate partners who want to connect with your audience on a more personal level.

Our team works as an extension of your internal team and everything we produce and develop (i.e. stories, social media content, platform, etc.) is on-brand to maximize your owned media operations. 

Give your athletes a voice to tell their own stories that go beyond sports. Your athletes are your biggest ambassadors and when you empower them to be more than 'just' an athlete, their audience will turn into your audience.

Effective storytelling takes time, regardless of the format you choose. Our team manages everything from storytelling selection to publishing so you can continue to focus on your day-to-day operations. Best of all, you own the content and always have full control over what's accessible by your fans. 

Personalized Student-Athlete Profiles

Showcase and promote the personal brands of your athletes in one single spot. Let your student-athletes create their own profiles to show fans and brands how they can collaborate with them, what entrepreneurial ventures they are working on, where to find them on social media, and much more.

Every student-athlete has his/her own comprehensive profile that they can conveniently share on their social media and other digital channels.

Grow the audiences of your student-athletes by aggregating their social media profiles.

Go beyond sports and empower your athletes to show the world who they are off the field.

Student-athletes have direct access to our network of 25+ creatives that assist with social media, branding, and design services. From social media campaign execution to logo design and website development, we elevate the brands of your student-athletes.

Brand Development

Empower and protect your student-athletes by letting them tap into our network of 25+ creatives with expertise in social media, branding, and design.

From social media assessments to full-blown campaign execution, we assist your student-athletes every step of the way.

Everything from websites and logos to business cards and custom merchandise design, we do it all.

Our creatives can help on all design fronts, ranging from photo editing to producing social media graphics.