A comprehensive NIL solution for athletic departments and student-athletes

We help your student-athletes prepare for and maximize opportunities in the new NIL era

Empower Student-Athletes

Equip student-athletes with the knowledge, tools, and services to succeed in the new NIL era and beyond.

Boost Recruiting

Attract recruits with best-in-class education, a brand monetization platform, 24/7 deal guidance, and much more.

Integrate Alumni

Reunite alumni with their alma mater as we help foster relationships between your current and former student-athletes.

Drive Sponsorships

Introduce your corporate partners to new digital and social activations on a powerful platform.

Simplify Compliance

Monitor all the activities of your student-athletes in one single location and tap into compliant and verified technologies.

Engage Fans

Connect fans with their favorite athletes and teams like never before.

Changes are coming. Soon, student-athletes will be allowed to monetize their name, image, and likeness. To avoid violations and help your student-athletes maximize opportunities, it's important to prepare them today so they are ready for this new era. Our program provides your student-athletes with the knowledge, tools, and services to empower and protect your athletes once the new legislation takes effect.

What's included?

Go with a single product or combine them for even more powerful results.





Best-in-class online courses, workshops, and protective resources from industry experts to prepare, empower, and protect every single one of your student-athletes.

Together with our education partners, we created easy-to-consume online courses for your student-athletes. Your athletes can conveniently access those courses through the FanWord platform, track their progress, and even earn virtual points and badges for completing them.

Each month, at a date and time of your choosing, we host live 60-minute long workshops for your student-athletes about a wide variety of topics. These workshops are either run by us or any of our education partners. Each workshop is also recorded for student-athletes to review at any point.

Through our platform, your student-athletes have access to an easy-to-use deal discsloure tool as well as multiple files and forms, including contract templates, NIL reporting instructions, and more. 

Our education partners are industry experts from various professions. They all have a strong sports background and always act with your student-athletes' best interest in mind.

Personal branding, financial literacy, taxes, gaming, podcasting, contracts, social media, LinkedIn, NIL platforms, and more.


We help your student-athletes tell their own stories by creating unique and authentic stories that go beyond sports. We build and manage a ‘The Players’ Tribune”-like site that’s exclusively dedicated to your athletes. Our team manages everything from storyteller selection and outreach to content production and publishing.


Showcase and promote the personal brands of your athletes in one single spot. Let your student-athletes create their own profiles to show fans and brands how they can collaborate with them, what entrepreneurial ventures they are working on, where to find them on social media, and much more.

Every student-athlete has his/her own comprehensive profile that they can conveniently share on their social media and other digital channels.

Grow the audiences of your student-athletes by aggregating their social media profiles.

Go beyond sports and empower your athletes to show the world who they are off the field.

To protect both your brand and the ones of your student-athletes, no athlete can publish any content to his/her profile until it was reviewed and approved by our team. 

Student-athletes have direct access to our network of 25+ creatives that assist with social media, branding, and design services. From social media campaign execution to logo design and website development, we elevate the brands of your student-athletes.

Brand Development

Empower and protect your student-athletes by letting them tap into our network of 25+ creatives with expertise in social media, branding, and design.

From social media assessments to full-blown campaign execution, we assist your student-athletes every step of the way.

Everything from websites and logos to business cards and custom merchandise design, we do it all.

Our creatives can help on all design fronts, ranging from photo editing to producing social media graphics.

Designed for athletic departments and teams of all sizes and budgets.​

Not just an empty promise. Our solutions are affordable and easy to implement for institutions at every level.

The Platform

To maximize convenience and efficiency, all three products operate on a single platform.

White-label & responsive

The platform is custom-made for your organization and branded in your colors and logos. It also looks great on any device to meet your athletes and fans where they are.

Analytics & metrics

We provide you with deep insights into platform usage, audience metrics, and more.


Want to collaborate with campus and upload your own courses or files? Not a problem, if preferred, we can easily embed your content as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the new NIL legislation takes effect, student-athlets have to be prepared to avoid violations and capitalize on opportunities. All of our products touch on areas that will be relevant regardless of what final legislation looks like.

We recommend the program to be implemented for a minimum of three years.

No! You can customize your program to precisely match your needs, wants, and budget.

Of course! Simply contact us and set up a time!

To improve communication efficiency, we set up a private Slack workspace for your student-athletes and our team. This is where they can ask questions and communicate with us.

Unless preferred otherwise, we invite alumni to a specific channel on the Slack workspace that is solely created to foster relationships between current and former student-athletes.

Pricing entirely depends on your program configuration. Simply talk to us about your needs and budget, and we prepare multiple packages for you to choose from.

100%! Check out our blog post addressing this particular question.