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Chris Phipps is a former 7-time All-American Track and Field athlete for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. In this short video biography, the New York native talks about his time before Nebraska and what helps him “stay alive in these days”. In Lincoln, Chris got to know God which gave his own aspiring musical dreams new meaning. Today, the artist and DJ empowers and inspires people with uplifting music everywhere he performs. In addition to that, Chris is the Vice President of an NPO called “Men With Dreams” that supports kids to “name their strengths, claim their strengths, and aim their strengths towards their goals and dreams”. If you want to support Chris on his journey or simply learn more about him and his goals, don’t forget to follow him on social media.

Chris Phipps – My Journey | FanWord


  • Beginning – 1:29:00

Moving to New Jersey to follow his dream of being a track & field athlete.

  • 1:30:00 – 2:34:00

How Triple and Long Jump helped him get a full-ride scholarship at Nebraska.

  • 2:35:00 – 3:07:00

How he found god in Lincoln.

  • 3:09:00 – 4:00:00

His music.

  • 4:01:00 – 4:58:00

His music and entrepreneurial career.

  • 4:59:00 – 5:25:00

Final thoughts.

Crank That Dial – Phipp Phippa

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