Lauren Sieckmann – From College Volleyball to Hollywood

Lauren Sieckmann has a message for her 75,000+ social media followers

If you think you’re stuck in quicksand, YOU’RE NOT. We’re our biggest critics and it’s not easy for us to see our own improvements, but there does come a time that tests where we’re at and you’ll be surprised with how much progress you really have made. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Trust yourself, trust the progress and have patience. Keep preparing yourself for the moment the opportunity does come.

The 24-year old Omaha native wants to encourage people to pursue their dreams and to fight for their goals. Most times a lot easier said than done, but Lauren leads by example. As a high school Volleyball star in Nebraska that was named the Gatorade Nebraska Player of the Year and part of the USA Volleyball Youth National Team that won gold at the 2010 NORCECA Girls’ Youth Continental Championship, her path was pretty clear to her; college volleyball.

She graduated in December of 2011 from Elkhorn South High School and joined the Nebraska Cornhuskers for the spring workouts in 2012. After having transferred to Wayne State and completing an impressive 2012 fall indoor season for the Wildcats, Sieckmann finished her college career as a beach volleyball player for the USC Trojans. Lauren graduated with a degree in Human Biology but quickly realized that her calling and dreams pushed her in a different direction.

Lauren had a bigger vision and this unprecedented…

… passion for showing women the importance of loving who you are, dreaming big, and never giving up…

… led Lauren into acting and modeling and moving to Hollywood. Throughout the past couple of years, Sieckmann has also built her own personal brand that inspires and supports more than 75,000 followers on her Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube accounts. While her #1 life goal (… “to love what I’m doing”) may seem like a fairly “broad objective” to the general public, Lauren will be the first one to educate you on the significance of being content and happy with your life. And that does not always come easy. Working vigorously to maintain a positive mindset to embrace this journey is necessary to accomplish this.

One chapter in her life that prepared her for this route was college athletics. Having been a student-athlete and exposed to a wide variety of diverse environments enabled Lauren to establish a growth mindset in anything she is trying to achieve. As a result of such attitude, she learned how to not get discouraged by failure or hard times. In Hollywood and an industry that frequently causes those hard times, this is an essential trait to have.

How to lose 5lbs in 1 hour! Lauren Sieckmann

Life is a learning experience. One thing Lauren learned in her life is the importance of balance. Arguably, balance seems to be one of the key ingredients for her success and happiness. As fond as she is of her student-athlete experience, part of her wishes she would have invested more time in keeping her life more balanced and not entirely centered around her sport. (FastCompany published an interesting read on the concept of ‘How Pro Athletes Strike A Work-Life Balance‘ back in 2014. Worth the read!) She does, however, miss things such as having training planned for her. After she started playing professionally for a while, Lauren quickly encountered the challenges of being on your own. Once again, the challenge of establishing a healthy balance presented itself.

Regardless of these tests, Lauren found purpose and success in her profession. She hopes that she will be able to travel the world through acting and modeling. Her dreams and vision brought her to Hollywood and we can not wait to see where her hard work ethic and inspirational determination will take her.

We would like to conclude our short story on Lauren by quoting one piece of advice she would like to give to freshmen college athletes.

Don’t confine yourself to just your sports, your practices, and your classes. Go out and find what other things make you happy. Balance is what will help you keep a growth mindset and find ways to cope with sport-related anxiety and pressure.

If you want to join Lauren on her journey, follow her on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

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