Interview with Paige Zaziski

Paige Zaziski, a senior for the Michigan Wolverines – Women’s Gymnastics team, was kind enough to share some of her experiences as a student-athlete with us for our second ‘Meet the Athletes’ episode.

Paige is a General Studies (Psychology & Marketing) major, originally from Chesterfield, Michigan, and transferred to the Wolverines after her sophomore year from Arkansas. The numerous and prestigious awards Paige received throughout her college career are a testament to her talent, work ethic, and dedication towards the sport. Paige, however, is not just known for her athletic accomplishments. She is also a fan-favorite and appreciated amongst her teammates for her humor and unique post-routine celebrations. We hope you all get to enjoy learning more about Paige as much as we did. We thank Paige for dedicating some time to our interview and wish her nothing but the best for the rest of her athletic career and her post-graduation goals. Thank you Paige!

How old were you when you first started with Gymnastics?


What is the most memorable experience from your college sports career?! (Positive)

Winning Big Ten’s, qualifying for NCAA’s, and competing for the Block M

Paige Zaziski, Michigan Gymnastics

What do you enjoy most about Gymnastics?

I love the challenge and I love to flip. I also enjoy being with all of my teammates.

What is your #1 goal in your college sports career?

Be an All-American

Can you describe a typical day for you as a student-athlete?

Eat breakfast, go to class, eat lunch, go to practice, do homework, have a snack, and go to bed

If you could give one piece of advice to high school athletes in your sport, what would it be?

Enjoy every second of your time as an athlete, because this is a really amazing time in your life

What is the number #1 thing on your bucket list?

I don’t really have a bucket list, but I do want to go to Madagascar and see a lemur.

If you could be a professional athlete in any sport you want, which one would it be and why?

Snowboarding (half pipe) because one day my dad said I would be good at it, so now I have this unrealistic dream of snowboarding

What is one thing the majority of people would not know about you?

I can say the alphabet backward and I can spell backward pretty well too.

If someone would give you $10 million tomorrow, what would you do with it?

Ask my parents what they would like me to buy them.

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