Fight to Unsettle

Running came into my life in an interesting way. As a child, my skills shined bright in basketball, but all the while my speed on the court was my true advantage. After utilizing my speed to help me outshine others in basketball, I headed to the streets to see if I was truly skilled as a runner. I won every time. Enough times to garner the attention of a teacher into entering me as an official sprinter at a track meet. This was my first test to see if there was a possible future for me in this sport. I was 10 years old when I ran my first 800m in a full basketball uniform, sneakers included. After winning the race at a time of 2:26, I knew from that moment, running was my true calling.

While attending Loyal High School, I was blessed to be one of the nation’s best runner throughout my four years. I had the pleasure of experiencing high level racing against professionals and had an opportunity to represent my country on the world stage.

Paths That Make Us

Everyone takes different paths to get to their destination, and everyone needs to know that they are not alone. 2015 was a special year for me, and because of that, I’m really intrigued to share my story and motivate others to continue pursuing their dreams.

When I got back to running and doing what I love after a 3-year hiatus, the transition wasn’t easy. Jumping right back into the game taught me a lot about patience and how to keep pushing through both mental and physical barriers. Especially when things don’t go your way.

Pushing Through Discomfort

I taught myself not to back down from challenges and to never shy away from the discomfort. That’s what kept pushing me forward, allowing me to dig deeper every time I heard the sound of the final lap bell. After coming back, I’ve already broken two of my personal records, reassuring myself that I’m headed in the right direction.Thanks to the lead of my coaches and the support from friends and family, I was able to achieve my goals. It’s been a long journey, but a very interesting road to say the least.

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Further Pursuits

Currently, I’m working on my book called “Seek Discomfort” in which I talk about my life and the decisions that led to where I am now. The goal of my book is to help others find their true calling by using my personal experience to help readers understand their journey.

Now, it’s my final year at Adams State University and I have set big goals that I want to accomplish on and off the track. For example, down below is a show on my YouTube channel on which I talk about the life of a student-athlete, so stay tuned!




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