Tell your story through the stories of college athletes

An immersive storytelling product to enhance your sponsorships and/or NIL campaigns

For Sponsorships

A unique digital and social activation

Leverage FanWord Stories as a unique digital and social activation that helps your brand stand out and builds an authentic connection with your audience.

For NIL Campaigns

Not just another student-athlete marketing campaign

There is no better way to tell your story than finding powerful and authentic student-athletes that tell it for you. And that’s exactly what we do.

Authentic connections

Build a deeper connection with your community, leveraging powerful athlete-driven features that go beyond sports.

Build brand ambassadors

Our stories not only drive higher engagement than traditional content, they also turn consumers into fans.


Align your brand with unique and authentic content that stands out

Simply pick any combination of Create, Publish, and Promote to precisely match your needs and wants.





Unique feature stories about your athletes

We create unique feature stories with student-athletes that take your sponsorships and partnerships to a whole new level. While we create content in a variety of formats, we specialize in written content from a first-person perspective, giving stories an unmatched layer of authenticity.


A dedicated landing page for all your stories

We build dedicated storytelling sites to publish the stories we create, allowing your content to stand out and giving it far more longevity.


Custom, on-brand social media graphics

To simplify life even further, we create social media graphics for each story that you, the athlete, and other parties can use to promote the stories.


Build your own solution. It's that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

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