Increase the visibility and accessibility of your players

Grow Personal Brand

Help all your players, regardless of social media audience size, get discovered and grow their personal brand for NIL and other purposes.

Simplify Communication

Simplify how businesses, fans, and other supporters can find, connect, and collaborate with your players.

One-Stop Shop

Aggregate everything about your players’ NIL opportunities, social media accounts, and personal brand in one single spot.

Add your players to our student-athlete directory to help them grow their brand and stand out.

Player Profiles

Every one of your players has their own profile that lists everything about their NIL opportunities, social media channels, and personal brand in one place. They can simply copy and paste their unique profile link in their social media bios and instantly expose fans, businesses, donors, and other interested parties to all of the different ways they can connect and collaborate with them.

Each player profile includes the following data


Links to all NIL marketplaces and booking platforms your player is using.


Links to all entrepreneurial ventures and startup projects your player is pursuing.


Links to all products and services that your player is offering or promoting.


Links to all camps, appearances, and other events your player is hosting/participating in.


Links to select videos, articles, or podcasts that tell your player’s story.

Contact Form

Simple and secure contact form that allows visitors to get in touch with your player

Social Media

Links to all social accounts your player is active on.

and more...

Contact Form

Not sure where to send people that want to work with your players? On FanWord, all your players can be contacted directly through a contact form. To simplify things even further, our platform automatically filters through all submissions, ensuring your athletes are only exposed to serious partnership inquiries.

Easy Search & Filters

Everyone can conveniently filter and browse through your players’ information in one easy-to-use platform. With just a few clicks, your fans, for example, can see everyone that is on Cameo, offers private lessons, hosts a football camp, sells merchandise, has started his own company, and much more.

Increase the visibility and accessibility of your players to drive NIL business, personal brand growth, and professional opportunities.

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