Innovative education and AI tools to maximize the brands of your athletes

Take your brand-building support to the next level with FanWord Coach.


Turn your athletes into powerful brands

We specialize in storytelling and brand development. Our education and tools will greatly enhance your existing resources and further support your athletes in the ever-changing world of NIL.

For Coaches

Differentiate your program

Demonstrate your commitment to your athletes by equipping them with resources that also prepare them for off-the-field success.

For Athlete Development

Life skills that go benefit athletes beyond college

Our education, in particular, teaches your athletes relevant storytelling and brand development concepts that serve as valuable life skills and can complement any curriculum.


Engaging. Intuitive. Useful.

Online Courses

Easy-to-consume online courses from industry experts

Simple and insightful online courses from industry experts about everything your athletes need to build, protect, and monetize their brand.

Live Webinars

Monthly Zoom webinars

Every month, we host brand-building, NIL, and storytelling webinars via Zoom for all your athletes to join. (we offer on-site visits, too)

Marketplace Directory

Introduce athletes to vetted marketplaces

FanWord Coach highlights the most credible marketplaces in the industry, saving athletes time in their research while simultaneously protecting them. 


Helping your athletes tell and share their stories has never been easier

Pitch Coach

Help your athletes create authentic brand pitches

This tool creates authentic and professional pitches that your athletes can use to communicate with brands they’d love to connect and/or partner with.

Content Calendar

Auto-generated content calendars for your athletes

Give your athletes the inspiration they need to become better content creators on social media with AI-powered content calendars — customized to them.


Every single resource is intuitive and easy-to-use, ensuring a great athlete experience.

Support all athletes

FanWord Coach provides value to all athletes, regardless of sport, social media size, or interests.

Life skills and more

Everything we offer has tangible value in the world outside of sports, too. 

Noreen Morris


“Our approach with NIL is to position student-athletes for long-term success in the same way we do in both the academic and athletic realms. This partnership will equip student-athletes with a host of extremely powerful tools and educational programming resources to enable them to maximize their opportunities.”

Pricing starts at just $999/year

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with college sports organizations?

No! If you work with athletes and want to learn more about our brand development and storytelling education, we’d love to hear from you. (i.e. high schools, club sports, pro sports, AAU, etc.)

Are you also offering in-person education?

Absolutely! Contact us to learn more.

Can we upload our own educational materials?

Yes! While we provide a ton of resources, you are more than welcome to use our system and upload your own materials. 

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