Daring to Dream

Kristina King had a stellar Basketball career with the Richmond Spiders. Since graduating, Kristina has played professionally in 7 countries on 4 different continents. Brandon Ubel, a former Basketball player for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, has also talked about the frequent relocation as a professional basketball player overseas

In this article, Kristina challenges her readers to dream big and provides great insights into how she accomplished to achieve her goals. Enjoy!


True happiness. The feeling you get when you take the ball in your hands for the first time. How, with that distinct smell of new rubber, it knows exactly how to move with you — left and right, forwards and backwards, like an extension of you. Only pausing to let go just for a second so it can glide through the net with the sweetest of sounds — SWOOSH.


The feelings of comfort and relaxation that wash over you when you walk onto the hardwood floors. How something so simple as putting a ball in your hands gives you the capacity to feel untouchable by anything and everything from the outside world. For a moment nothing else matters except for you, that ball, and the basket.


That security. The feeling of knowing without a doubt that whatever you put into this game you will get out of it. You work hard for it and it will work hard for you. You cheat the game and it will cheat you right back. There are no shortcuts — just hours of mastering the craft and learning each intricate detail to set you apart from the rest.

Feeling these feelings day in and day out was how I fell in love with the game. You could say basketball was my first true love. Corny right? But it was more than that. Basketball was the one thing that stayed constant throughout my life and kept me sane through all obstacles, trials, and tribulations. It became my saving grace and the community in which I chose to surround myself. From switching schools multiple times growing up to relocating clear across the country — basketball was the universal language that I could speak with anyone.

I knew from a young age I wanted to go pro. Despite all the detractors saying I couldn’t make it, warnings that I would “never amount to anything” and even being handed depressing statistics about post-collegiate hopefuls that failed to make it to the next level— I could say that proving people wrong has become my mantra. I took everything my naysayers said and brought it with me to every workout, practice, training session, and game, using it as motivation to go harder when most wanted to quit. I used it as fuel to push myself, and get in one more rep when the competition threw in the towel for the day. It was my propellant to stay late after practice, put up extra shots when I was tired and be the first one in the gym each day. My investment in myself allowed me to dream big and let the chips fall where they may. That’s not to say there weren’t lots of ups and downs in this journey. I would be lying if I didn’t say there weren’t times I felt like quitting, giving up and never touching a ball again. But to put in so much to the game, I couldn’t stop now. My family and friends in my circle listened to my crying, heard my fears, and then did as any good friend would — told me to “Suck It Up Kris!” So I did just that. I got up, brushed myself off and stopped looking back.

A very special person told me to never let your high’s get too high and never let your low’s get too low. There will always be a new day, so swing big and have no fear.

So if you’re reading this I challenge you to do just that — Swing big. Lose the fear. Dare to dream and rule your life.

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