How to Manage Disclosures

If you’re asked to submit disclosures through FanWord, here is how.

1. Access Disclosures

To start, locate the “Disclosures” tab via the dropdown in the top right corner after you signed in.

(on mobile devices, click the ‘hamburger’ icon in the top left corner and click on “Disclosures.”)

2. Disclosure Overview

First, you’ll see an overview of all the disclosures you submitted and their current status. That way, you’ll never lose track of your NIL activities.

3. Submit a Disclosure

To submit a new disclosure, click on “Add Disclosure” and fill out the simple six-step form.

Step 1: Activity

Share more information about the activity you’re disclosing.

Step 2: Who is compensating you

Tell us about the individual or business that is compensating you.

Step 3: Did the activity occur yet?

Yes/no. If it did, please provide proof. (i.e. link to a social media post)

Step 4: Compensation

How are you getting compensated and how much? (please note that even if you’re compensated via Product/Service (i.e. discounts, free tshirt, etc.) you’re still asked to provide a dollar amount tied to that product/service. This will be especially important for tax purposes)

Step 5: Upload

If you have an agreement, please upload it there.

Step 6: Submit

Check the box and submit your disclosure.

Now, your administrators are being notified of your disclosure. Once they had a chance to review, they will email you whether or not your disclosure has been approved or rejected.


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