How to Claim your FanWord Profile

If your FanWord profile already exists, here is how you can quickly and easily claim it to customize it further.

1. Locate your FanWord Profile

Go to and use the ‘Search‘ in the top bar (click the ‘Menu‘ icon if you are on a mobile device) to find your profile. Type in your name and click on the profile once you located it.

2. Click the Claim button your profile

Next, open up your FanWord profile and click on the “Claim” button

3. Add your email address

To start the process, all you need to do is enter your email address and click ‘Start Claim Process.’

4. Set your password

Our team will now review your Claim request and once approved, you’ll get an email from FanWord with a link to finish the process. Click the ‘Click here‘ link in the email to set up your password.

5. Finish onboarding

Once you set up your password, you successfully claimed your profile.

Now, simply follow the onboarding process to add more data to your profile. (i.e. a cover photo, an ‘About Me’ section, your location, interests, and more.)

(You can always edit that info later, too, and there will be plenty of additional data points you can add to your profile after the onboarding process as well.)

6. Check out the product tour

When you’re done with the onboarding process, you’ll be immediately introduced to our product tour. Check it out to familiarize yourself with our platform and how it works.

7. Add content to your profile

Now, it’s time to make your profile pop and add everything to your profile that you want fans, businesses, and other supporters to see.

Click the “+” icon in the top right corner and select any of the categories to get started.

About Me = add a biography, your locations, your degrees, your resume, and more.

Links = add links to your social media channels, marketplaces you can be found on, merchandise, previous deals you’ve done, and more.

Media = add photos, videos, Instagram posts, and articles about yourself.  

Pro tip: The more content you add, the higher the odds of you getting discovered and contacted. So, spend some time on building out your profile.

8. Share your link

That’s it!

Now, all you have to do is copy your profile link to all your social media channels and start promoting it. 

Remember, your FanWord profile is like your own website. It shows everything about you in one place.

So, let’s go spread the word.


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