How to Access Education

If you signed up for a premium profile or your school has landed a partnership with FanWord, you have access to our educational resources.

To access the education, all you need to do is click the dropdown menu in the top right corner and select “Education.

(on mobile devices, click the ‘hamburger’ icon in the top left corner and click on “Education.”)

When you click on Education, you have access to three different resources.

1. Courses

Together with industry experts, we created a ton of easy-to-consume online courses.

Browse through our course library, and if any course piques your interest, simply click on the course and the “Start Course” button.

Once you do, you can access all of the lessons that make up each course.

These lessons are usually short video lessons (~3-5 min long each) about a very specific topic related to the course.

2. Webinars

Join us when we host our Zoom webinars where we talk about NIL, brand development, and storytelling.

Whenever we announce a new webinar, we will inform you via email and also post it under the “Webinars” tab inside the Education section.

If you can’t attend a webinar, no worries, we will record and upload those webinars to the same section.

3. Marketplaces

If you want to learn more about the various marketplaces out there, click on “Marketplaces” and browse through a variety of vetted and secure platforms.

Use our filters to learn even more about them.


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