FanWord Launches Student-Athlete Directory

Today, FanWord announced the official launch of their student-athlete directory, FanWord Boost.

This new platform — which is free for athletes, schools, conferences, and collectives to join — is the first and only publicly accessible, nationwide student-athlete directory in the country.

FanWord Boost allows student-athletes to curate everything about their brand and NIL opportunities in one single place, simplifying how businesses and fans can find, connect, and collaborate with student-athletes.

“Every student-athlete pursues NIL differently,” said FanWord CEO, Christopher Aumueller. “In our database alone, we have more than 150 platforms that athletes can use for NIL. It pulls both athletes and supporters in many different directions and makes it harder for them to connect.”

“Athletes need a single place that allows them to aggregate everything in one place, including all of the marketplaces they are on, their social channels, their interests, past deals they’ve done, content about them, and much more. We are convinced that the NIL industry is ripe for some consolidation to make things easier for all stakeholders, and our directory is going to help with that.”

The directory will also increase the visibility of student-athletes, regardless of their sport, gender, or social media audience size.

“Schools long for an equitable solution that helps all athletes,” said Aumueller. “They want to provide something that helps the star quarterback but also the tennis player or cross country runner — even its international athletes — but without adding to their already busy schedules. On top of that, schools want to promote their marketplace or NFT platform, too. Our directory is that solution, and we look forward to further empowering and impacting student-athletes across the country.”

While athletes list and promote their profiles from marketplaces like Opendorse, the INFLCR Exchange, or Cameo on their FanWord Profile, no deal facilitation occurs on the directory.

Therefore, FanWord Boost supports institutional NIL partnerships by driving additional traffic to those trusted resources.

How it works

Every school and conference has its own subdirectory on FanWord.

These subdirectories aggregate all of the data points athletes add to their profiles after their registration is verified. 

Athletes can add the following data to their profiles.

  • Social media channels (TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Marketplace platforms they are on (Opendorse, INFLCR Exchange, Cameo, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurial projects they are working on
  • Products and services they are offering (merchandise, NFTs, coaching, etc.)
  • Events they’re a part of (speaking engagements, autograph sessions, camps, etc.)
  • Content about them (articles, videos, etc.)
  • Deals they’ve done
  • Industries and activities they’re interested in 

Supporters can then simply access a school directory, for example, and conveniently browse the athlete pool and filter by all of those data points.

Additionally, businesses and fans can contact the athlete directly through the directory. Each message is reviewed by FanWord first to ensure athletes aren’t exposed to spam or random messages. Everything that is considered a serious inquiry will get forwarded to an email address of the athlete’s choice.

How to sign up

Every current student-athlete can join the directory for free.

High school athletes, retired athletes, and professional athletes will soon be able to sign up as well.

Furthermore, FanWord also curates publicly available information and creates athlete profiles on their behalf — athletes with an existing profile can simply Claim their profiles at any point to own and further customize them. 

Schools or conferences interested in getting their athletes signed up can use the contact form below.

About FanWord:

FanWord is an athlete storytelling and branding company that works with more than 40 athletic departments across the country to help their student-athletes build, protect, and market their personal brands through a variety of products.


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