FanWord and Opendorse launch strategic partnership

By FanWord

Today, FanWord and Opendorse announced a strategic partnership to provide FanWord’s athlete storytelling product, FanWord Stories, and expertise to Opendorse Ready clients.

Participating programs that are interested in helping their student-athletes tell their own stories can request FanWord Stories as an additional package. 

FanWord will build white-label student-athlete storytelling platforms for Opendorse Ready partners and create authentic stories about their student-athletes, written from their perspective. By giving athletes a voice to share their own stories, FanWord helps student-athletes grow their personal brands and connect with fans on a more personal level. FanWord manages everything from storyteller selection and outreach to content production and publishing. 

In addition to that, FanWord is part of Opendorse Ready’s NIL Masterclass that provides student-athletes with live lessons from leaders and brands in the NIL ecosystem including Instagram, Twitter, the Players’ Tribune, Overtime, and many more. 

“We couldn’t be more excited about partnering with Opendorse and helping student-athletes tell their own stories,” said Chris Aumueller, CEO of FanWord. “Especially in anticipation of the coming changes to the NIL rights of student-athletes, athlete-driven content is key to putting both programs and student-athletes in the best position possible to maximize opportunities in this new era.”

“Brand development through storytelling and NIL education have become cornerstones to athlete marketing at every level,” said Opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence. “FanWord has rapidly established itself as a leader in the athlete-driven storytelling space, making them a natural partner in our Opendorse Ready™ offering. We’re committed to providing student-athletes with access to the very best educators and solutions in the market – and partnering with FanWord brings us a step closer to doing just that.”

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