30 College Sports Voices against Racism

By Christopher Aumueller

The right words can empower, encourage and galvanize countless souls to take a stand against the most harrowing issues.

But what are the right words?

What are the right words when turning on the television and seeing a black man murdered in broad daylight? What are the right words when itโ€™s 2020, and the cries of the oppressed often continue to go unheard? What are the right words when a country that prides itself on freedom and social equality is still plagued by the plight of racial injustice?

There is no perfect collection of words to make sense of a world where a person is discriminated against because of the color of their skin. However, there is one word that we believe illuminates one of the only real roads to change: Empathy.

Ongoing issues have forced people from all walks of life to take a step back and view life from a broader scope. Industry leaders all over the world are speaking out in support of the oppressed.

In sports, we see many athletes, teams, and brands like Nike and Adidas come together and unite for the greater good.

In this article, we compiled 30 voices from college sports leaders that we believe found “the right words” and continue to speak up against racical injustices. 

Black lives matter, today and every day.

Hopefully, some of these words inspire and spark action.

Clay Helton

USC | Head Football Coach

Greg Byrne

Alabama | Athletic Director

Dawn Staley

South Carolina | Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Kansas Basketball

Texas Football

Rob Mullens

Oregon | Athletic Director

SMU Athletics

Trevor Lawrence

Clemson | Football Student-Athlete

Purdue Volleyball

Dan McDonnell

Louisville | Head Baseball Coach

Stanford Football

Scott Stricklin

Florida | Athletic Director

John Calipari

Kentucky | Head Men’s Basketball Coach

UCLA Women’s Gymnastics

Scott Stricklin

UMass | Athletic Director

Tom Allen

Indiana | Head Football Coach

Joe Castiglione

Oklahoma | Athletic Director

Chris Mack

Louisville | Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Kevin Warren

Big Ten Conference | Commissioner

Tennessee Athletics

Jimmy Lake

Washington | Head Football Coach

Scott Frost

Nebraska | Head Football Coach

UConn Women’s Basketball

Danny White

UCF | Athletic Director

Ohio State Student-Athletes

Greg Sankey

Southeastern Conference | Commissioner

Damon Evans

Maryland | Athletic Director

Joni Taylor

Georgia | Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Sandy Barbour

Penn State | Athletic Director

Keith Carter

Ole Miss | Athletic Director