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Storytelling Agency

At FanWord, everything revolves around storytelling. It's in our DNA and what sets us apart from other content & digital marketing agencies. Our passion is to tell powerful stories and leverage them to help brands connect with their audiences in a whole new light.


Connect. Inspire. Boost.

In today's digital world, it becomes harder than ever to establish a unique brand image & position. One thing that separates your brand from all the others is the people you impact each and every single day. Sharing the stories of these people is the foundation of our agency to help you connect with & inspire your audience, all while boosting your marketing, branding, recruitment, or PR-related objectives.


Partnerships We're Proud Of

When you love what you do and who you do it with, everyone wins. All of our partners always get 24/7 customer service and a passionate team of strategists, storytellers, creatives, and marketers right at their disposal. Here are some of our amazing partners.


Located In The Beautiful Midwest

Our office is located in Lincoln, NE. A lot of thriving sports companies originated in Lincoln and we're proud members of this amazing ecosystem.

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