Our 2020 March
Madness Bracket -
For A Good Cause

We get it, it’s not the same!

Not even remotely.

No hypothetical bracket can recreate the emotions we experience as sports fans while rooting for our favorite teams, complaining about referee decisions, or watching our brackets go to sh*t after day one.

But let’s pretend for a little while that even a hypothetical bracket is better than no bracket, and have a bit of fun, shall we?

And best of it all? Let’s do so for a good cause.

Submit your bracket:

1) Download the bracket , fill it out, and send it to bracket@fanword.com. Don’t forget to fill out your name on the bracket.

2) By sending us your bracket, you agree to be a added to a newsletter that will solely be used to send results after each round.

3) In the leaderboard section below, we will list the top three brackets after each round.

4) We accept entries until March 20th, 5pm CT. 

This is how it works:

1) Follow us on Twitter & Instagram to participate.

2) According to the schedule, we will post the corresponding matchups as a poll on Twitter & Instagram.

3) The team with the most votes on both platforms will advance to the next round.

4) To maximize the fun & donations, please share with your friends and help us with the upsets.

The Cause:

A lot of people are going through a very difficult time right now. We understand that our efforts won’t make a huge difference, but we still wanted to make a small, positive impact.

For each submitted bracket, we will donate $1 to Feeding America, with a maximum of $300. 

In addition to that, once the tournament is over, we will also announce the top three brackets.

Each winner gets to select a food bank of their choice, and FanWord will fund the corresponding donation accordingly.

1st place = $100

2nd place = $75

3rd place = $50

So, let’s have a bit of fun and do a bit of good.

Our Bracket

I'm sure some of our seeding & selection choices will make you cringe. But let's not forget why we're doing this, please. We'd appreciate it if we could all see the bigger picture here and not argue about irrelevant factors. Thank you!

The Schedule

First Round: March 19, 20

Second Round: March 21, 22

Sweet 16: March 26, 27

Elite 8: March 28, 29

Final Four: April 4

Championship Game: April 6

The Point System

First Round: 10 Points

Second Round: 20 Points

Sweet 16: 40 Points

Elite 8: 80 Points

Final Four: 160 Points

Championship Game: 320 Points

The Leaderboard

Top 3 Brackets after Sweet 16:

Bob G. – 710 Points

Robbie H. – 670 Points

Preston A. – 590 Points


Top 3 Brackets after Round 2:

Bob G. – 510 Points

Melly C. – 480 Points

Preston A. & Robbie H. & Melissa F. – 470 Points


Top 3 Brackets after Round 1:

Bob G. – 290 Points

Jessica C. – 280 Points

Preston A. & Robbie H. – 270 Points


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A: 151 N. 8th Street, 68508 Lincoln, NE
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A: 151 N. 8th Street, 68508 Lincoln, NE
E: hello@fanword.com
P: 402-310-1104